AAA Foods Co. Founded



AAA Foods Enterprises Begins



Ron Montgomery Joins Team



Denny Thornton Joins Team



Amanda Neph Joins the Team



Stefanie Moore Joins the Team

Annette founded AAA Foods in 2000 as AAA Foods Company Inc. named after her and her kids, Amanda and Andrew. Although her background is nursing and health management she has a business mind and quickly picked up on the industry. Starting out with a landline, cell phone, and a good ole fashioned fax machine she started this company from her kitchen while raising her two small children.  The first load she bought was sold by Denny Thornton at Keystone. Little did she know Denny would become a great friend and now a wonderful addition to the AAA Foods team.


Since the first days of AAA Foods, our company has grown but maintains its founding principles of hard work, commitment, integrity, and customer satisfaction. AAA remains a small, family and friend-owned business striving to give our customers the time and attention to detail needed to make their businesses run smoothly. 


Our team has an abundance of experience in the world of food commodity sales, processing, and consulting. We would love to help you meet and exceed the goals you have for your company’s production – big and small – in any way we can.