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Join Us in the Fight for Faith!


From now until May 7th, AAA Foods will be donating a portion of all sales to help Faith Wilson in her fight against Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Your regular business with AAA Foods will help her in her battle! Please read Faith's amazing story and consider how your company could help! 




Fighting for Faith

April 25, 2016

Faith's Journey

Faith was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in September 2013. After several tests and chemo treatments, Faith had a PET scan showing she was clear of cancer, but 9 months at a routine check up the PET scan showed that her cancer had come back.  This time Faith would need a stem cell transplant, which would consist of some very intense chemotherapy with the transplant to follow. She spent 21 days in the hospital in April 2015.  Routinely after the transplant in September 2015, Faith again went for a check up and PET scan that once again showed the cancer was still there.  Faith then started full mantel radiation for six weeks - one week before her 21st birthday.  Once again, Faith had another PET scan. The good news - the Hodgkin’s Lymphoma was completely cured. The bad news - a brand new disease of Non Hodgkin’s showed up on her liver and kidneys.  Faith underwent two treatments for the Non Hodgkin’s and then had another PET scan. The scan showed that the tumors had shrunk but would need more chemo treatments. Faith could no longer have the medicines in the first two treatments because her body had its lifetime limit of one of the drugs, so they switched to a different regiment. This chemo was the first one that ever made Faith deathly ill. She was down for three weeks and was getting ready for her next treatment, but on Monday her doctor was called. We were very concerned that Faith’s body wouldn't be able to handle more chemo at this time, and we went in for an appointment to be evaluated by her doctor.  They drew some labs and wanted to continue with chemo in the morning. We went for a good dinner before going home to get ready for the morning. By the time we got to Faith’s apartment her phone was ringing. Chemo was cancelled and she needed to be admitted to the hospital because her kidney levels were not good. So instead of chemo on Wednesday morning, she was admitted into the hospital where they found out that Faith’s kidneys were only functioning at about 10%.  Her cancer treatment had been put on hold while kidney doctors were called in. They wanted to try to make Faith's kidneys jumpstart by pushing fluids into her body. Faiths kidneys weren’t pushing enough fluids out, and before the doctors caught it, Friday night Faith's body was in fluid overload. She had seizure activity from the fluid overload that ended up putting her in ICU for nine days. On the second day of ICU, Faith was literally drowning in her own fluid and had to be intubated. She was on a ventilator for seven days. On the third day, Faith's kidneys were not getting any better and dialysis was necessary to help get the fluid off her body. Faith has had five dialysis treatments at this time. We are still waiting for Faith's kidneys to jumpstart, and she currently still has to get dialysis every other day. Prayers are definitely working and God has never left her side. He has some big plans for Faith to share her amazing testimony and help others. Thank you for the prayers. Together we can move mountains!

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